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Staff Directory

To contact a teacher via email, just click on the appropriate envelope icon in front of their name. Teachers with active websites are listed in blue. To access their website, just click on the teachers name. 

Contact Michelle Allemann  Michelle Allemann Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Danielle Ard  Danielle Ard Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Kelli Bailey  Kelli Bailey Fifth GradeTeacher
Contact Kristen Bauer  Kristen Bauer Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Carolyn Bocklage  Carolyn Bocklage Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Keith Branson  Keith Branson Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Ginny Brittingham  Ginny Brittingham Clerk
Contact Aaron Burd  Aaron Burd Principal
Contact Tasha Burt  Tasha Burt (636) 583-6997 ex: 1354 Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Carmen Carter  Carmen Carter Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Danielle Cooper  Danielle Cooper Substitute Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Dunne  Elizabeth Dunne Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Melanie Earney  Melanie Earney Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Glenda Eichmeyer  Glenda Eichmeyer Art Teacher
Contact Kimberly Farmer  Kimberly Farmer Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Krista Fox  Krista Fox Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Kristi Gerling  Kristi Gerling Nursing Director
Contact Janet Glazebrook  Janet Glazebrook Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Stacy Grus  Stacy Grus Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Dawn Harris  Dawn Harris Title 1 Reading Teacher
Contact Jennifer Heflin  Jennifer Heflin Special Education Teacher
Contact Laura Heide  Laura Heide Paraprofessional
Contact Valerie Howland  Valerie Howland Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Donna Kelley  Donna Kelley Paraprofessional
Contact Amy Kindel  Amy Kindel Special Education Teacher
Contact Paula Kissinger  Paula Kissinger Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Jillian Kliethermes  Jillian Kliethermes Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Pamela LeSeure  Pamela LeSeure Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Clark-Vitt Library  Clark-Vitt Library Librarian
Contact Hannah McBride  Hannah McBride Special Education Teacher
Contact Jessica Meyer  Jessica Meyer Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact William Meyer  William Meyer P.E. Teacher
Contact Lisa Mooney  Lisa Mooney Special Education
Contact Krystal Morgan  Krystal Morgan Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Carman Newman  Carman Newman Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Kurtis Pollman  Kurtis Pollman (636) 583-6997 ex: 1374 Technology Teacher
Contact Cheryl Savage  Cheryl Savage Counselor
Contact Cheryl Savage  Cheryl Savage Counselor
Contact Esther Schmidt  Esther Schmidt Secretary
Contact Esther Schmidt  Esther Schmidt Teacher
Contact Linda Schwoeppe  Linda Schwoeppe Special Education Teacher
Contact Mary Steel  Mary Steel Nurse
Contact Mary Steel  Mary Steel Nurse
Contact Caitlyn Stevenson  Caitlyn Stevenson Music Teacher
Contact Amanda Sullivan  Amanda Sullivan Clerk
Contact Rhea Summers  Rhea Summers Assistant Principal
Contact Andrea Thomas  Andrea Thomas Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Abbie Thornton  Abbie Thornton Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Michele Verticchio  Michele Verticchio Paraprofessional
Contact Adrienne Warren  Adrienne Warren Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Geri Wilson  Geri Wilson Special Education
Contact Kristin Wilson  Kristin Wilson Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Mollie Woehlke  Mollie Woehlke (636) 583-6997 Title 1 Reading Teacher
Contact Katie Wright  Katie Wright Fifth Grade Teacher